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Buy or Make my Own Brainwave tapes?

Can I make my own tapes?

Yes. The simplest way to get started is to get a copy of the Brainwave Generator - a specifically written software program. 

The Brainwave Generator, available from is very versatile and will let you experiment and save the sessions. The site also has a selection of sessions that other users have contributed.

An alternate program - the audio editor CoolEdit 96 - has the ability to overlay a brainwave entrainment session on top of any soundtrack including music. For a tutorial, look up brainwaves in the CoolEdit help.

The programs have different strength but I've come to use Brainwave generator exclusively - it's fast, versatile and unlike CoolEdit, doesn't need vast amounts of disk.

Can I make my own L/S machine?

Yes, well at least if you let your PC do most of the work. There's a program called PCM that will generate the sounds and control the LEDs in some modified sunglasses. Full instructions are included. This is for those who don't mind soldering.

This program is now rather old, needs the PC to be put into DOS mode, but it definitely works. I don't believe it's being developed, but for those who would like a copy from our archives:

Click here to Download PCM



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