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Maintaining your Privacy and Staying Informed


Do you like all your email being routinely scanned? Want to be able to keep files on your PC private? If we all routinely use encryption, then it will be as normal as putting letters in envelopes.

PGP is integrated into Windows and is easy to use to encrypt email and files, or simply to digitally sign your email so that other's can be sure what they received is what you sent, and indeed, that it's actually from you! You wouldn't believe how easy it is to forge email (no - I'm not going to tell you how!)

What are THEY up to?

These are links to sites that don't follow the "party line". Some may be so far off the wall that you routinely dismiss them, but many of the articles are well researched and have impeccable references. Remember getting published in the scientific media is strongly dependent on what you're wanting to publish either following accepted ideas or being non-threatening ...



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