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About Us

We are located in Palmerston North, New Zealand and have two aims for this site:

  • to provide quick and easy start in microcontroller systems
  • to provide a host of interesting ideas and projects from a diverse and sometimes distinctly weird enquiring mind.

I have a background in electronics stretching back to when transistors came in individual packets and the release of the early microcomputers such as Motorola M6802 and then 6809, and a computing history that remembers paper tape.

CCNow and Reflection Technology

We work the the company CCNOW for all your credit card processing. This has several benefits:

  • you can be assured of security - we never see your credit card numbers, only that payment has been authorised
  • CCNOW is located in Delaware USA so US customers don't pay any sales tax.

You're actually purchasing the goods from CCNOW - who buy them from us and on-sell them to you:

  • Your credit card bill will show CCNOW, not Reflection Technology as the payee.
  • CCNOW won't bill you until the goods have been dispatched.

However we deal with Products, CCNOW only handles the money site, so contact us with any queries relating to the products.


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