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Getting Started with PIC

The best PIC to get started with is the PIC16F84. You can reprogram its EEPROM thousands of times with the DT001 Development System via the printer port of an MS-DOS or Windows -based PC. The 16F84 has 13 I/O pins and can run on a cheap R/C clock or crystal.

The DT001 board has 3 outputs:

  1. An 18 pin programming socket. 
  2. 10 pin IDC flat ribbon cable to a target board via a 4PDT switch which is used for instant Load & Run.
  3. A 30 pin SimmStick using the Load & Run Feature. This is like using an EPROM Emulator.

The programmer suits many chips not just the 16F84, and so does the SimmStick family, so you'll need to read the text about these. If you can learn to program in Machine language, you don't need much more than the above. You can find some development software on the Software page.

Shortform PIC16F84 "Getting Started" Kit

All the construction info is available from the DT001 and DT101 pages .

This will allow you to run a Basic Interpreter using only a PIC16C84 and a DT101 SimmStickTM compatible module.



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