HiMite – a tiny morse code transceiver

Well I’ve gone and ordered one – enough thinking

Here’s what someone with style has done with theirs WB9LPU Richard Meiss Website

WB9LPU Rock-Mite 40M transceiver
with cool new blue lucite base paddle

The base isn’t just for the morse key – it contains the complete transceiver.

The thought of a complete rig with decent performance that can cover the whole of New Zealand (hopefully) without needing a power point, doesn’t need a ISP, or Cellphone plan to run really appeals. For more on the Rockmite see http://www.smallwonderlabs.com

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One Response to HiMite – a tiny morse code transceiver

  1. dave says:

    that’s a nice looking rig. Putting set of paddles on top is a great addition.

    I built one for 20 meters and put it in a Hammond 1590N1 die cast box. It’s a little cramped, but everything seems to fit. I’m already modifying mine by replacing the 1 Meg resistor at the audio chip with a 1 Meg pot for volume control, replaced the 100 ohm resistor R8 for a 1K pot to dial the side tone to my liking, and installed a small 500 ohm pot in a voltage divider configuration to ground between L2 and the transformer to give me some gain control. All controls fit on the ends of the box. I didn’t bother with a power switch. No room is left for it anyway. I figure just pulling the power plug out of the jack should be sufficient.

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